Math at SBCA

California Math Standards 

All students receive instruction in the CA Common Core State Standards. The base curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade students is Engage NY, while 6th grade students' base curriculum is Illustrative Mathematics.

Not only are students learning grade level mathematical content, but they are also learning how think like mathematicians as they engage in the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  These are 8 very important standards (English Explanation and Spanish Explanation) that students will be using from kindergarten through twelfth grade. We do this through the use of mathematical routines such as Number Talks, Which One Doesn't Belong, Would You Rather?, Counting Collections, Choral Counts, and Three-Act Tasks.

The goal is to help students to think mathematically, make connections between new learning and previous knowledge, explain and justify their reasoning, engage in mathematical play, and to use math in their daily lives.

How can you help your child to learn and enjoy mathematics?  The California Math Council has some great ideas for supporting your student at home.  Please click on this link in English or in Spanish.