Supporting All Learners

We believe that all students are capable of learning at high levels, but we also know that students have different strengths and needs.  Each grade level has a 30-40 minute Target Time in which students' needs are identified and flexibly grouped to address those needs during 6 week intervals. During Target Time all students work on the same essential concept, but differentiated by content, thinking skill, process, and or product. 

Students also engage in a blended learning environment using adaptive software that allows students to progress at varying levels using Lexia for reading and Dreambox for math. 

When walking through our classrooms, you will see visual cues and structured language practices that support our English Language Learners. English Language Development is integrated throughout the day, so that our English Language Learners are interacting in meaningful ways in addition to learning how English works. 

We also support our learners by adding depth and complexity into our lessons.  Teachers use the Depth and Complexity Icons to prompt students to go beyond surface understanding. We encourage students to notice multiple perspectives and to see patterns to make connections. In addition, students examine topics by determining the facts, concepts, generalization, principles and theories related to them.

We also have a comprehensive MTSS. If your child is in need of extra support in anyway, please make sure you contact your teacher. We are constantly reviewing data and referring students to our Learner Intervention Team to discuss how we can best support each and every student.