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News from Our Partners: Kind Mind

Kind Mind Program Information
Dear SBCA Parents, 
For the second year, Santa Barbara Community Academy (SBCA) has partnered with the Kind Mind Program for its Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. SEL is important for improving emotional regulation and social skills, which in turn help academic achievement at school.
The Kind Mind Program teaches mindfulness and compassion skills using a nature-based curriculum called innerU. This curriculum invites students to learn from animals from our oceans to make the lessons interesting and engaging while cultivating the students’ connection to nature.
Mindfulness practices are attentional exercises that cultivate awareness of what’s happening within and around us. Strong scientific evidence shows that mindfulness practices help to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve attention, memory, emotional regulation, selfcontrol, and compassion.
Our ocean adventure starts by learning to sit still and quiet like the great blue heron. When we learn to be still and quiet, we can focus better and notice the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations of our internal experience or the sights and sounds around us.
Next, we learn to take deep breaths like the whale to calm our bodies and regulate our emotions. This helps with stress, anxiety, and in relationships when we’re upset or in conflict.
Please ask your child about their experience with mindfulness.
Thank you from the Kind Mind team.
For further information, contact: Harrison Heyl, Director, Kind Mind Program: Anne-Marie Charest, Assistant Director, Kind Mind Program: