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Design Week Example

K-3rd Example
Universal Theme: Patterns
Connecting Concept: Cause and Effect
Science/Engineering Focus: Forces- Pushes and Pulls
Students engaged in the Design Thinking process as they explored the connecting concept of cause and effect, while gaining experiences using pushes and pulls, noticing patterns, and determining the differences between pushes and pulls.
Day 1
Introducing the vocabulary associated with Forces, noticing patterns when exploring different pushes and pulls through playground games, toys, and art. 
Day 2
Students continued to investigate pushes and pulls as they explored what the Dash Robot needs to do to lift varying amounts of objects using a pulley. In addition, they explored the cause of speed and how it effected the Dash Robot pushing tiles. In art, students designed art using pushes and pulls. 
Day 3
On Wednesdays, students participate in a community-connected experience. For this week, students went to the Backyard at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and while they were exploring, they noticed pushes and pulls. This gave them an opportunity to transfer their learning to a new environment. It was also Halloween! 
Day 4
Students developed an understanding of the Design Process as they wondered how they might incorporate pushes and pulls in a mini-golf course. They asked questions, then imagined what their course might look like and finally worked with a group of students to plan out their course. In art, they continued the work with pushes by making prints while learning about the Visual Alphabet.
Day 5
Students reviewed their plans and figured out a way to build it. They then had an opportunity to play each others' course and think about how they could improve it.  While in art, they considered the importance of gravity and its pull by imagining, planning, and creating mobiles inspired by Calder.